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The Groucho Club membership is renowned across the civilised universe and is often at the forefront of cultural evolution. Here on the Members Diary page we will endeavour to keep you up to date with significant or interesting events or activities (with links) from your fellow members, which is also an excellent opportunity to find out on what people are up to when not in The Club.
Shrinking the News: Headline stories on the couch

This new book makes the perfect stocking filler for anyone who loves to read beyond the headlines.

Shrinking the News: Headline stories on the couch, by psychoanalyst Dr Coline Covington, is the perfect gift for those who enjoy eye-opening answers to the fascinating questions about headline stories and the people behind them. Click here to order now.

Why, for instance, would an American vote for Sarah Palin? Why would a well-educated Bishop deny the holocaust? What impulses lead bankers to be reckless, girls to glory in promiscuity, and what does Julian Assange’s fight for justice have to do with his mother?

Coline Covington is the indispensable guide to what lies behind these major news items – and more. Funny, quirky, and insightful, each short article is a gem!

Available to buy from 11 December 2013

Shrinking the News: Headline stories on the couch
Peckham Pandemonium presents for
Peckham Liberal Club

Westside Syncopators are:
Andy Dickens - trumpet
Graham Hughes - trombone
Duncan Hemstock - clarinet
Simon Picton - banjo
Manel Alvarez - bass
Mez Clough - drums
Special guest - Simon Spoons

7pm - late
29th March 2014
Peckham Liberal Club
24 Elm Grove - London - SE15 5DE
Beer by Brick Brewery
Food by Peckham Refreshment Rooms

Tickets £10 - members £4
Review bookshop - Bellenden Rd 
@PeckPandemonium @PeckhamLibClub

Peckham Pandemonium presents for