Jane Simpson

‘I would question all of Damien’s stories. How could he remember a thing? I’ve been going there a long time. I was curated by Damien so my relationship started with going to Damien’s parties there and being involved with him.

‘I wasn’t at Goldsmith’s. I’m a completely different fish. I was at Royal Academy School. But I got to know Damien through curation. And a lot of his mates, who are still my friends — Keith Allen and Rachel Howard — those connections run twenty years back and they are very special friendships. All made at the Groucho.

‘Nicky’s great because she has an amazing eye for the new and the young. Of course there are the old favourites, like Gary Hume, but she’s good at discovering new talent too. She has an amazing approach. Donate a piece of work and then you’ve got an office. It feels like an incredibly supportive thing for an artist to be offered that. The collection is wonderful. I dread to think how much it must all be worth.


‘As for the salacious, I used to drink a lot and so I can’t really remember that much! I would regularly fall downstairs, lose my handbag and have to be put in a cab, but a week later I’d be back in and there was never any judgement. That’s a rarity. Especially as a woman. I always felt entirely comfortable to behave exactly as I wanted to. Sure it has probably enabled a couple of generations of alcoholics, but it’s the most non-judgemental home in the world.’

Galerie Simpson

marbling inks on 300gsm Arches Cotton watercolour paper

220 × 295 mm8 5/8 × 11 5/8 in

edition of 50

Acquired 2016
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Not currently on display

Photo: James Pfaff
A Very Private View

mixed media

46 × 61 × 28 cm18 1/8 × 24 × 11 in

Acquired 2011

Dean StreetStairwell