Jason Martin

‘The collection is extroadinary for the sole reason that Nicky charms everyone to offer up works for nada for the very good fortune of the club. Eclectic and socially diverse, the works and artists reflect almost twenty years of a golden period in our shared British modern tradition.

‘Eating and boozing all well and good — only respect the work ... don’t you hate those that push the boat out but can’t hold it together ...
lightweights should be ejected.

‘I got locked in one night and slept under my big painting in the dining room. I woke to the sound of a hoover round my feet. One hour’s sleep is plenty if your mind is preoccupied with the logistics of stealing Rembrant von Rijn’s works in private hands ... amongst other things ... I should get out more often ...

‘Was that an anecdote? What’s an anecdote? Is it like an anæsthetic or an anachronism ... or ambivalent ... agnostic ...’

Photo: James Pfaff

pure pigment on canvas

41 × 30 cm16 1/8 × 11 3/4 in

Acquired 2010

Dean StreetMain Bar