Lucie Bennett

Lucie explores female sexuality and identity in her work. In her latest series, the body appears to be in the process of transformation or symbiosis, increasingly becoming part of a landscape or amorphous jungle. Her imagery explores the striking similarities between the anatomical and botanical.
She references the traditional view of the female being close to nature, yet with a contemporary take; she uses industrial materials – aluminium and gloss paint – to create something fluid and sensual, exploring the juxtaposition of metal and paint, and the languid forms of the female body.
Lucie has exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Hong Kong and Singapore and has work in a number of permanent collections including the Groucho Club, London and Virgin Group. Her work has been featured in a number of BBC television programmes and a feature film. She has donated work to the Terrence Higgins Trust, Paintings In Hospitals, NHS Healing in the Environment and the British Red Cross among others. Bennett lives and works in London.


gloss on canvas

170 × 101 cm66 7/8 × 39 3/4 in

Acquired 2008

Dean StreetBernie’s