Petros Chrisostomou

‘I’m very honoured to have a piece of work in Groucho’s collection. As a place it’s phenomenal — there is so much history. Although my work is in collections of institutions and museums, at the Groucho it gets to sit alongside work in a more genuine scenario. It’s very relaxed and I love that. It’s a place where you feel part of the family. It’s very humbling that all the members are important figures in their own field. I love that people have direct contact with the art. 

‘The first time I went to the Groucho was to receive a prize given by Land Securites at the end of my degree. I was the RA winner and there were three of us from art schools across London. Patrick Burrows was presenting it to us and he asked us to meet him at the Groucho. And then a few years after, Nicky contacted me and asked if I would like to donate some work and become a member. I was overwhelmed. 

‘My favourite memory of the club is my girlfriend’s fascination with the Twiglets. We love them. But she’s American and there are no Twiglets in the US. When I took her there for the first time she got completely addicted to them and kept ordering more and more drinks so that she could have more Twiglets. They are quintessentially English. And one of those quirky, nostalgic things that define the place.’


colour photograph

104 × 79 cm41 × 31 1/8 in

Acquired 2012
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Dean StreetDining Room