The Butterfly’s Tongue (Epidendrum radicans)
Oil on board
64 × 90
Acquired 2003

‘Initially this painting was on loan to the club. But one night after the opening of a huge show I was doing at the Natural History Museum I said, “Let’s go to the Groucho to celebrate.” I wasn’t a member but we got to reception and I told them that I had a painting in the club and could I please come in. They asked which painting and I described it and they let us in. We had a great night. And after that Nicky called me and said, “I think it’s time we made you a member.” 


‘I love that the painting is up and is visible. Apart from being in public collections most work is hidden away in private homes. But the Groucho functions like a private museum. It is a really interesting context to see art in because you don’t go there to see it but it is constantly around you. It’s a very different way of looking, entirely without expectation or anticipation, unlike the way we mostly look at art. It allows different things to come at you and creep up on you.’