Animal Man is BACK

30th Nov 2015

Sunday 6 December, 11am

ANIMAL MAN IS BACK by popular demand!!

If you can’t get out to the Serengeti, Amazon or even Ipswich this weekend don’t worry just let the animal kingdom come to you. A very special treat as Ranger Stu’s amazing animal encounter show comes to Dean St. Stu’s friends are Armadillos, Tarantulas, Meer Cats, Snakes, Owls and Raptors (the birds not the dinosaur silly that’s just a film.) and he will be bringing some of them to meet Groucho members and their children this Sunday at 11am. It’s a great opportunity for the kids (and grown-ups) to learn about and meet up close and personal exotic and fascinating creatures that are misfortunate enough to share a planet with us humans. Animal Man is part of the Groucho Club Sunday Lunch treats – Roasts, Creche, Cocktails and Film Previews.  

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