Art Brunch – Private View of Delacroix at the National Gallery

25th Feb 2016

Monday 17th March, 9am

“We all paint in Delacroix’s language,” observed Cézanne

“We all paint in Delacroix’s language,” observed Cézanne. Occasionally overlooked as he fell between more fashionable art movements, Eugene Delacroix is truly one of the greats of 20th Century Art.  Drawing inspiration from British art and literature, his real and imagined travels to North Africa, and biblical scenes; every chord of human passion can be found in Delacroix’s paintings – love, murder, violence, war and beauty. Rediscover this intriguing and inspirational artist with a special Groucho Club viewing at the National Gallery and then back for a slap-up brunch at the Club. At £20 per ticket c’est formidable…!

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