Bespoke Your World

05th May 2016

Saturday 14th May, 1pm

Calling all Fashionistas, Luxurnauts, Label queens, Pamper-Puppies and Retail-Therapists. This is the ultimate day for you; a private bespoke, super exclusive, hyper chic luxury shopping event at the Groucho Club. Sara Simmonds scours the world for the finest designer, handmade goods and luxury collections presenting them in a unique way. Called Bespoke Your World Sara presents a beautifully curated selection of ‘must have’ items you’ll definitely not find on the high street. Bags, coats, shoes, jewellery and even nice smelly stuff – including our house favourite REN products. Hang out, sip champagne, swap fashion tips and graze the beautiful things in the relaxed atmosphere of the Groucho Club. Simply, a premier ‘need’ event.

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