Club Refurbishment

09th Jun 2014

The big birthday makeover

Yes it’s time for a bit of a do. As the Groucho Club elegantly glides towards her 30th birthday unfortunately time and tide have taken their toll and so she’s going under the knife to ensure the next 30 years look and feel even better.

There are going to be some major renovations and exciting additions to the building, but this will mean some temporary disruption and diversions. Very briefly the headlines:

We are adding a lift!
Refurbishing the Main Bar (and adding a ‘Library’)
Relocating the Reception
Refurbishing the Dining Room
Refurbishing the Soho Bar

As you can imagine this is a major investment, but we want The Club to of course retain the same feeling and style that is world famous. There will be plans available in the Club and online for members to peruse and we are organising two special Q&A events in July so everyone has a chance to talk through what we’re up to.  We are going to try to keep as much of the building open for business as possible, but it’s likely there will be some short periods where we will have to close completely.

We will try to ensure that members and guests are given as much notice as possible about any disruption, and our NEW website will be updated with all information we have – so keep logged in.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this period, but we think you’ll agree it was worth it when the works are finished and our shiny spruced up Club is ready for another 30 years of (ab)use…