CLUB TALK: 60’s Fashion and Photographers by Felicity Green OBE

25th Jun 2015

Tuesday 14 July, 7pm

An Elegant Revolution

The iconic and iconoclastic Felicity Green OBE is going to spill the beans. Felicity was a ground breaking journalist and pioneering woman of the 1960’s. While Fashion Editor and board member at the Daily Mirror she was responsible for bringing the counter-culture into the mainstream, as a St Martin’s teacher she has inspired students and designers, now in her late eighties Felicity still brims with energy and intelligence.

The Groucho Club is proud to present a special fundraising talk for The Art Fund by the wonderful Felicity Green and if you have any interest in fashion, design, journalism, feminism, history or exceptional people (did we leave anything out?) you should be there sitting at her feet soaking up every syllable. We will be.