Club Talk: The Slow News Revolution

27th Jun 2017

Monday 3 July, 6:30pm

When today’s news culture values being first above being right, sensationalism over investigation and digital likes over real world impact, how can we separate real news from fake news; real fact from alternative ones? What is churnalism, and are algorithms really taking over from human journalists?  Find out the answers from Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb, founders of the Slow Journalism Company.

Founded in 2011, their flagship magazine, Delayed Gratification, takes the time to report the news with the depth it deserves and revisits stories only once the dust has settled. With an emphasis on quality, investigative journalism, photography and design, the magazine serves as a vital (and fun) antidote to the mistakes and misinformation infecting the news cycle. Join Rob and Marcus to find out why the Slow News revolution matters now more than ever and why they are so proud to be ‘last to breaking news.’

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