CLUB TALK: Trevor Kavanagh In Conversation with Phil Harding

09th Mar 2015

Tuesday 14 April, 6.30pm

For the past half century, Trevor Kavanagh has been one of the most influential political journalists in this country. As Political Editor of the Sun he broke numerous scoops and exclusives – including the explosive Hutton report on the BBC. As a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch he has always been the journalist leading politicians have sought out.  Now as Associate Editor and columnist on the paper his trenchant views have brought him fresh controversy and debate. He attacked the Police’s arrest of Sun journalists as a witch hunt against the paper and accused the Met of treating its journalists like members of an organized crime gang.


Now in the midst of the 2015 general election campaign, Trevor Kavanagh talks to journalist and broadcaster Phil Harding about his life in journalism and his views on politics, the press, the police, the BBC, Rupert Murdoch and everything else under the Sun.