25th Feb 2015

From Monday 2nd March 2015

Please welcome the very wonderful Mr. Henry Harris.
In a time of twitter and social media saturation there aren’t many culinary secrets in London – and although the Kensington restaurant Racine wasn’t a secret, it was perhaps deliberately kept low-key by its fanatically loyal and well-fed regular clintele/fans.
The genius behind Racine was Henry Harris – described as “the best French chef with the decency to be British” – he cooked unapologetic classic French cuisine unaffected by nouvelle, molecular or any other food fad. Although we deeply mourn the loss of Racine, we can shine a ray of bright hope into your culinary gloom by announcing – and really, pinch yourself! – Henry is coming to sprinkle some of his magic around the Club kitchen.
Collaborating with our Exec Chef Tim Wilson, Henry will bring his robust, but delicate style to the Groucho menus. This is truly a coup, and for all you gastronaut members out here, a very exciting day. We will keep you informed of progress and hope to see you very soon with knife and fork held expectedly over the table.