Media Society Club Talk: At What Price Channel 4?

26th May 2016

Tuesday 7th June 6/7pm

Almost obscured by BBC Charter Renewal, the privatisation of Channel 4 continues in the shadows at  the Treasury. Jeremy Isaacs’ baby could go out in the £1bn bathwater of privatisation. Is this good for Britain, British television, British viewers?

Join us to celebrate the publication of the seminal book on the topic, WHAT PRICE CHANNEL 4?
Edited by John Mair, Richard Tait, David Lloyd and Fione Chesterton with Ian Reeves. 

Contributors include Sir Jeremy Isaacs, Anthony Smith, Liz Forgan, Mike Bolland, David Abraham, David Elstein, Karen Brown and Jamie Oliver.

David Abraham Ceo Channel 4 Corporation 2016, face to face with Sir Jeremy Isaacs Founding Ceo Channel 4 1982.


The Bar opens at 6pm and the conversation starts at 7pm.