New Year New You

16th Dec 2015

Tuesday 12 January 2016, 7pm

Writer and renowned motivational speaker Judymay Murphy is holding an individual success masterclass for the already over-achieving Groucho membership. Turn 2016 into a breakthrough year!. As Judymay says; “It’s clear that you already achieve at very high levels in many areas of your life, now it’s time to transform the stuff that is working less well and to take the rest of it stratospheric! – New Years Resolutions don’t work because the brain cannot conceive of a year, it’s too long to create any urgency and passion. Add this to the fact that most people set impotent goals (no point setting goals efficiently if they are taking you to somewhere you don’t really want to be!) On this night you will become clear on your success blueprint for all areas of your life for the first 90 days. Judymay will ensure that you create serious breakthroughs and radically change your 2016 and you entire life. Big claim? You bet! She’s famous for getting people to their ultimate life.” 

Can you afford to miss this?……

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