Simon Hopkinson & Jeremy Lee Food Quiz 2016

01st Oct 2016

Monday 10 October 2016, 7pm

Lock up your comestibles the fleet is in! Yes those two dreadnoughts of dinner Simon Hopkinson and Jeremy Lee are steaming home. The formidable dowagers-aunts of British food and drink are docking at Dean Street to bring their annual brain teasing, tummy tickling, liver beating Food Quiz to The Groucho Club. Grovel, writhe and wriggle before their awesome culinary and gastronomic majesties until your own pitted wits are mere hollow husks to be tossed on the winds.

Teams of up to six are tolerated and the winners will be lauded by their peers, showered with shiny things and granted a brief acknowledgement from Messrs Lee & Hopkinson – which is enough to dine out on until the ending of the world.

Book greedy or miss your turn at the trough.

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