Talkin’ Bout My Generation Stand Up Night: Which Is The Funniest Generation?

03rd Jul 2017

Monday 24 July, 7pm

Big Cat Productions Presents

Who do you think is the funniest Generation?

This is your opportunity to vote and could well be the most important vote you cast this year, if not ever. Six standups are split simply by virtue of their age into 3 generational teams – Baby Boomers, Generation Y and Generation Z.

Watch as each team battle it out for the audience vote at the end of the night to see just ‘who’ is the funniest generation? Hosted by John Hastings, he will be doing his best to rile up the acts and you the audience into a cross-generational frenzy.

Team Generation Y: Tom Allen & Alfie Brown

Team Generation X: Terry Alderton & Jen Brister

Team Baby Boomers: Sean Meo & Hattie Hayridge

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