The Oscars Awards Screening

22nd Feb 2016

Saturday 28th March

There can be only one. There are many star-studded events during ‘award season’ but the mother of all gong nights is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or as the whole world knows it; The Oscars! Mock it or love it, it’s an almost irresistible cocktail of glamour, artistic merit and frippery. Compered by our own dapper master of ceremonies, Kent, the Groucho Club will be hosting a special ‘all-nighter’ so you don’t miss of any of the action. Sip cocktails, wear ball gowns and practice your acceptance weeping in the apposite and sumptuous surroundings of the Club.

Tickets £30 welcome cocktail & 2 course dinner

*Special Oscars Predictions – prizes includes a holiday at Fundu Lagoon*