Charming Baker
Love is not needing any help if you are intent on staying ignorant
Archival Inkjet with a Varnish overlay on Somerset enhanced satin paper
56.2 × 65.2
Love is never putting all your eggs into one bastard
giclée and screen print with varnish on Somerset Enhanced Satin
56 × 65
Acquired 2010
The Only Thing I’m Sure Of Is That I’m Sure Of Nothing
19 colour screen print on 6mm birch ply with hand routed element and laser cutting
102.5 × 122.5
Acquired 2014
All I Want is the Courage to Hide Behind my own sense of Self Belief
painted bronze
31 × 29
Acquired 2014
All I want is to Remain Ignorant of All the Good I’ll Never Do
painted bronze
33 × 29
Acquired 2014