Groucho Presents Rock n Roll Bingo

31st Jul 2017

Tuesday 8 August, 7pm

The Rules

Fairly self explanatory really? Your bingo card numbers are replaced with little to well known ‘ROCK N ROLL’ bands, 10 in total, and then it’s just a case of: we play the songs, hopefully you know the artists and you cross them off.  The night consists of three rounds, each getting that little bit harder and each making you more and more competitive. Host Jim will wittily guide, talk and nurture you through proceedings so no one gets left behind… (even though most of the time he really hasn’t got a clue what’s going on… ) while Jack spins the tunes.

Last but not least… there are great prizes to be won… including drinks vouchers to the grand prize which is night’s stay at the Groucho with champagne and breakfast thrown in.

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