01st Feb 2016

Sunday 14 February, from 5pm

When you’re married to the business of show this is the night for love. From the red carpet to when it’s time to whisk off to the after-parties we will be covering the BAFTA award ceremony from soup to nuts. 

Access all areas with our Screening Room being designated a ‘quiet room’ to closely follow all the action, and then downstairs social spaces to watch and maybe vocally (dis)approve the lucky winners. With lashings of food, drink and screens everywhere this is much better than being at the awards at the Opera House, before all the winners whisk over to Park lane to join the parties.

Get set up early and enjoy a specially extended Sunday buffet which runs until 7pm or dine in the grand Dining Room.  It’s like being there without all the boring-hanging around-can’t leave-or go to the toilet bits.

Book now to avoid social seppuku: £30

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