01st Oct 2016

Monday 3 October, 7pm

What to do when your best doesn’t seem like enough and you know it’s time to up-level massively.” International motivational speaker Judymay Murphy is coming to the Groucho Club to explain massive up-levelling and bringing her experience, inspiration and determination to offer members ‘an astonishing and precise blueprint for you to diagnose what has been preventing you from moving forward at your desired pace, and then how to regulate and re-strategise in order to get there faster than would currently seem possible.’ In her past 16 years in the self-development and success industry Judymay Murphy has appeared on dozens of major television shows around the world, had eight books published in 28 different countries and has transformed the lives of thousands of people. Most of us at one time can feel we are stuck in a rut or on a plateau, Judymay Murphy can help you look at realistic ways to make positive changes in your life, but without sabotaging current success. Those of you who heard her speak in January know that the presentation is focused and immensely practical, this new event with new content will be a chance to advance to the next level. 

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