Film Screening: The Shout

01st Oct 2016

Monday 3 October, 7pm for 7:30pm start

Two of Britain’s most exciting artists and filmmakers Iain and Jane, best known for their brilliant Nick Cave documentary 20,000 Days; will be introducing us to Jerzy Skolimowski’s extraordinary psychological horror film The Shout; starring Susannah York, Alan Bates and John Hurt.

From the opening lunatic asylum cricket match in little England, to the Aboriginal death shout of Alan Bates among the sand dunes, THE SHOUT is every bit as delicious as Don’t Look Now and deserves to be as widely seen. Also… John Hurt.

Crossley (Alan Bates), a mysterious travelling man who invades the lives of a young couple, Rachel and Anthony Field (Susannah York and John Hurt). Anthony is a composer, who experiments with sound effects and various electronic sources in his secluded Devon studio. The couple provides hospitality to Bates, but his intentions are gradually revealed as more sinister. He claims he has learned from an Aboriginal Shaman how to produce a “terror shout” that can kill anyone who hears it unprotected.