Rod Requests

27th Oct 2014

Tuesday 18th November 2014, 7.30pm

Rod Melvin, the Groucho Club’s resident pianist, musician, maestro and rabble quasher. For twenty years Rod has tinkled the ivories providing a sophisticated dulcet soundtrack to our social hours and his legendary sing-a-longs are for many the most memorable nights in the Club / ever!

Whether accompanied by the biggest Hollywood stars (and there have been many), melodious members or bellowing drunks Rod has subtly marshalled the music and stoically suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous request. Now Rod gets a chance to play some of his favourites with invited guests, singers and artists.


David McAlmont & Natasha Panas • Rumer • Malcolm Doherty
The Ronson-ettes • Jackson Scott & Skye • Philip Rambow
David Roper & Abi Hercules • Mary-Lou Sturridge

For lovers of music and lovers (metaphorically!) of Mr Melvin this will be a pitch perfect night.

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