Sinner’s Brunch

01st Jan 2017

Showing the Christmas party circuit who’s boss takes commitment, and it’s the mornings that hurt the most. Time to get back on the horse with a Sinners (Hangover) Brunch.

An invigorating selection of festive treats to soothe tired eyes and ease aching heads. Start the convalescing with a fine cocktail – Bloody Mary, Corpse Reviver or Mimosa, or a resuscitating green detox smoothie with herbal revivers. Seek solace in unlimited coffee or a more exciting rum laced hot chocolate – with a Berrocca on the side?

Choose your ballast from a Full English, lobster benedict, smoked salmon bagels with cream cheese and caviar or wild mushroom and crispy polenta hash with poached eggs.

Let the power of a private event room laden with treats get you and yours back into the fray with renowned vigour.

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