Soho Theatre: Bits of Me Are Falling Apart

01st Nov 2016

Tuesday 15 November, 7:15pm

Adrian Edmondson stars in a new adaption of William Leith’s darkly comic and touching bestseller at the Soho Theatre. 

Are you a media wanker who overspent all your money on drink and drugs in your twenties (God, wouldn’t it be brilliant if your twenties had never ended…), did you keep spending in your thirties and forties… bollocks! Are you now living on your office floor? Do you identify with creaking knees, a morbid fear of cancer, creaking fingers, hatred of cheating sportsmen, creaking elbows. Are you doing your 15,000 steps every day and eating your healthy porridge with goji berries. Do you identify with weak losers in novels? Be honest… Then come and see Adrian Edmondson act out your life on stage just up the road at Soho Theatre… it’s short (75 mins), tender and a bit funny – well more than a bit but it’s not you being too overly keen isn’t it?!! If you’re in your twenties see this as a cautionary tale and a chance to laugh at your (think they know) betters … just order a healthy juice as your first drink next time you’re in the Soho Bar…

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