Vegetarian Club Dinner with Rose Ferguson and Mary McCartney

11th Jul 2016

Tuesday 6 September, 7pm

Mary McCartney and Rose Ferguson will be hosting our inaugural vegetarian Club Dinner.

“I’ve always been a fan of balance, I don’t believe in stressing out in an effort to be angelic all the time, you need to have time off where you do whatever you like.  I am also the author of ‘Juice’ a book all about juicing and helping you get the good stuff in to feel revitalised. I firmly believe that what you put in your body has a massive effect on how you feel physically and mentally. That’s why we love holidays, it is the perfect time to relax, enjoy good food and drink and have some fun. Our evening is here to help you back into action with a menu that is designed to give your body the nutrients it needs for a nudge in the right direction.”

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