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Is the Groucho Club only open to members?

The Groucho Club is open to Members and their guests. Members can bring up to four guests at any time, for whose behaviour the Member is entirely responsible.

If you are not a member but would like to book a Private Event in one of The Groucho Club's rooms, we will arrange Temporary Membership for the duration of your event, with access limited to the room booked.

Members can book bedrooms for guests who will be afforded Guest Membership to the Club for the duration of their stay.

Do you have a dress code?
We assume the effortless and impeccable good taste of our membership would not necessitate a code, however the notorious and exhaustive Groucho Club Book of Rules states the following: ‘The wearing of String Vests is fully unacceptable and wholly proscribed by Club Rules. There is enough distress in the world already.'
I left my heart in San Francisco and my scarf at the Groucho Club...
At the Groucho Club we sadly have our share of lost property. Although we always try to repatriate items with their owners, we can only keep articles for 28 days - then they go to a local charity shop. So if you think you've left anything at The Club please email reception@thegrouchoclub.com as soon as possible with a detailed description of your lost property
Do you give out Members contact details?
Under no circumstances..except if a member, who has already proven they are of sound mind and body, has given oral and/or written permission for the information to be disseminated and the instruction is counter-signed by their legal representative.
Do you have parking?
Driving around Central London is a dreary business, however several NCP car parks are situated in the nearby area on Brewer Street, Poland Street and Chinatown. Discount parking cards for the NCP car parks are available to Members and can be collected from the Groucho Club Reception. Alternatively there is an independent car park in Wardour Street.
What is the mobile phone / camera policy?
Devices such as laptops and tablets are permitted within the Club until 5pm, however;
  • From 5pm, the use of all mobile devices will be strictly prohibited.
  • Phones must be on silent and short discreet calls are acceptable. For any other calls you will be asked to go to a corridor or reception.
  • No photos or video recordings at any time unless prior approval has been sought from The Groucho Club Management.*
*Please note, you may occasionally notice photographers or Club staff photographing around the Club or at specific events. Neither the end of year video nor The Groucho Club book would have been possible without images from our archives and as such we wish to continue to document certain events for posterity. If you do not wish to feature in photos or videos please inform a member of staff who will ensure that you are not photographed.
What is the policy on children?
You must be eighteen years or older to become a member. Younger children can use the restaurants in the Club or attend Private Events when accompanied by an adult. We advise parents that although the Club is a wonderous and magical place for many, there are few distractions for the innocent.
What are your opening hours?
We are open from 7.30am - 2am Monday to Friday, 8am to 2am Saturday and 8am to 10pm on Sunday. Very occasionally we have to close the club for preservation or maintenance. If you have any doubts then it is advisable to check with Reception before leaving.
Which is the nearest tube station to the club?
We are roughly equidistant between Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square Tube stations.


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