February 2013

By appointment…

When Her Majesty’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office is in need of special services the Club naturally answers the call of duty. It wasn’t exactly a hardship posting, though it can be hellish getting enough ice at Oscar time..  Yes The Groucho Club went above and beyond to lubricate the thirsty film types at the 2013 British Consulate in Los Angeles famous Pre-Oscar Party for UK nominees and expat movie people.

Part of the continuing international GREAT campaign and by special invitation of the Consul-General in Los Angeles Dame Barbara Hay, the Groucho Club was one of select group of great British brands representing Albion overseas. Coals to Newcastle you maybe thinking, exporting cocktails to our American cousins, but our chaps(esses) from the Advanced Mixology Department certainly showed those Yanks a thing or two. This was government backed ‘wet-work’ so things pretty lively I can tell you. Diplomatic incidents averted – check. World safer place – check. Weapons grade hangover – check. Carry on!

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